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My name is Robin Breathe (a.k.a. isometry): I'm a child of '79 with a passion for technology and its application.

I hold a MMath from Merton College, Oxford, as well as a MSc in Mobile and High Speed Telecommunication Networks from Oxford Brookes.

Since September '02, I have worked full-time as a member of the Operations Team in Computer Services at Oxford Brookes. I currently go by the title of ‘Senior Operations Analyst’.

Besides unadulterated geekery, my interests include photography, cartography, playing Scrabble, listening to music, making ice cream and rock climbing.


  • kbplus

    Extended keyboard layouts for Windows designed to give fast, intuitive access to a range of extended characters & symbols not found on standard US/UK keyboards.

  • mailto:decode

    A simple piece of standards-compliant, gracefully degenerating JavaScript to dynamically restore spam-protected mailto: links to their full glory.